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2013-04-30 15:20:26 by Vassilisk

Something moved project nexus out of the block it has been occupying for a fucking year and a half!


2013-01-27 11:58:48 by Vassilisk

Can't wait!

New Year

2013-01-01 16:18:59 by Vassilisk

I hope that this new year is as good as the one leaving us, with games like burrito bison, achievement unlocked and the only level by jmtb02, games by hyptosis, and movies by lazymuffin. So many things to remember, and so many things to look forward to! Greetings to everyone and a happy new year!


2012-09-18 14:43:59 by Vassilisk

Anyone else finds weird that the games featured in the front page are old games?


2012-09-11 09:57:19 by Vassilisk

I used to make jokes about today, untill I took a plane to the towers.

Now, for real, my respects to the families.


2012-08-09 00:04:06 by Vassilisk

Is this EVER gonna be over?!

Pico 2012

2012-04-29 14:06:45 by Vassilisk

Gosh toally forgot! Well, it's always nice to have these classic games here in ng!

Game Development

2012-02-14 08:26:42 by Vassilisk

Game development has really gone bad in this place... We need more rabitts, more hatters, more queens, and more hitmans...

Dear jesus

2011-11-04 16:12:42 by Vassilisk

Are you there? I believe in you!... not!...